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Welcome to Mancave Movie Review

Mar 24, 2021

Welcome to Episode 288 where the MCMR Crew talk about The Man From Nowhere


Mar 4, 2021

Here you go folks, Part 2 of the MCMR crew's discussion of Kingdom of Heaven. We finish up this great and fantastic film and we do have some commentary on our humble beginnings following our 9 year anniversary. 

Our heartfelt thanks for all of you who have stuck with us over the years and all our new listeners that...

Feb 25, 2021

Welcome to Episode 286 of the Mancave Movie Review. Today the MCMR crew will be talking about Kingdom of Heaven. This great and fantastic film has a huge ensemble cast to big to list here.

So kick back with some mead while Steve, Jeff, Mark and Ken...

Feb 8, 2021

Howdy folks and welcome to Episode 285 where the crew will talk about Day of the Jackal. This great and fantastic film Edward Fox, Terence Alexander and Michel Auclair.

So kick back and relax while Jeff, Ken, Steve, and Mark tell you about professionals...

Aug 22, 2020

Welcome back folks to Episode 270, Every Which Way But Loose!! This great and fantastic movie stars; Clint Eastwood, Geoffrey Lewis, Sondra Locke, Beverly D'Angelo, and Academy Award winner  Ruth Gordon. 


Sit back and let Bryan, Ken, Mark, and Jeff explain how a Rabbitt, an Ape, and Oreo cookies make for a pretty...