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Welcome back to Mancave Movie Review where we are talking about Fandango, a gem of a movie starring Kevin Costner, Judd Nelson and Sam Robards. 

So its time to kick back with a six pack of Shiner Bock while Ken tells Steve, Mark, and Jeff how listening to Carol King reminds him of turtle hunting.

Next week we will be talking about Rob Roy. Until then check us out on Facebook and leave us a like.

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Welcome back to Mancave Movie Review Episode 46. Today we are talking about Lockout, starring Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace, Vincent Regan and Joseph Gilgun. 

So kick back with some jailhouse hootch while Steve, Ken and Mark tell you why having a nutjob for a brother has its drawbacks.

Stay tuned for next week when Jeff returns and we talk about Fandango! So until then check us out on Facebook and give us a like, tell us what you think of the show. 

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Welcome to Mancave Movie Review episode 45. Today we are talking about The Wind and the Lion, written and directed by the great John Milius and starring Sean Connery, Candice Bergen and Brian Keith. 

So kick back with your favorite beverage of choice while Steve, Mark, Ken and Jeff tell you about turn of the century adventure, intrigue and why you should never portray a grizzly bear as a hairy cow.

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