Welcome to Mancave Movie Review Episode 32. Today we are going to be talking about the movie that defined the summer blockbuster, JAWS. This great and fantastic film stars Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss. 

So grab a six pack of choice, a bucket of chum and kick back while Steve, Mark, Jeff and Ken tell you why sharks think humans taste like chicken.

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Welcome back to Mancave Movie Review, episode 31. Today we are talking about Payback, starring Mel Gibson, Gregg Henry and the gorgeous Maria Bello.

So kick back with your Porter of choice while Steve, Mark, Jeff and Ken tell you about how revenge is a dish served with a hot Asian dominatrix and a carton of cigarettes.

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Welcome back to Mancave Movie Review. Today we are ranting talking, sort of, about what should have been a great sci-fi movie and its called Pitch Black. This movie, which should have been really good stars Vin Diesel, Rhada Mitchell and Cole Hauser. 

So grab something really strong to drink (we did) while Steve, Ken, Mark and Jeff talk about Newtons Law, landsharks and why its never a good idea to book transport on a spaceship with Vin Diesel.

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Hello folks and welcome to Mancave Movie Review, Episode 29. Today we will be talking about Death Race. A remake of that wonderful Roger Corman 1970's cult classic, Death Race 2000. This much more expensive film with better (and more expensive actors) stars Jason Statham, the gorgeous Joan Allen, Ian McShane and Tyrese Gibson reprising the role of Machine Gun Joe Viterbo!

So relax and grab a beer or six while Steve, Jeff, Ken and Mark tell you why its better to have a really hot, buxom woman in the passenger seat giving you directions.

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Greetings folks and welcome back to Mancave Movie Review Episode 28. Today we will be talking about Ironclad, a great movie set during the Middle Ages in Britain, this film stars James Purefoy, Brian Cox, Paul Giamatti and Kate Mara in the hot but irrelevant female role.

So kick back with a pint of ale while Jeff, Steve and Ken tell you why it sucked to live in 13th Century England if you signed the Magna Carta.

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