Welcome back folks to episode 243!

On this podcast Ken, Bryan and Jeff talk about that great and fantastic movie, American Gangster. Starring Denzel Washington, Russell Crow, Ted Levine, and a host of others. 

Thanks for staying with us and supporting the Mancave Movie crew!! This extra long episode was edited down from an extremely long podcast. Don't worry, you won't miss Bryan's ramblings. Speaking of ramblings, hopefully you've been catching the outtakes at the end of the last few podcast. Stay tuned after the outro to hear a little of our crazy.

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Welcome back folks for this special addition of the Mancave Movie Review, Episode 242. Tonight we talk about the last half of Season 9 of the Walking Dead. Joining me in an epic return, is our resident red shirt walking dead, Steve. After watching the season finale, Steve had words, so sit back and let Steve and Jeff explain why snow zombies made our eyes roll.

These are just our thought. Not saying we're right, but you can't stop us from thinking!!

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Hello folks and welcome back to Episode 241. This week we review that great and fantastic movie, Hell or High Water, starring Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Gil Birmingham, and a host of others. So sit back while Ken, Bryan and Jeff tell you why family matters and we can still have modern day westerns.

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