Welcome back to Episode 18 of Mancave Movie Review. Today we will be talking about that great 1989 sport classic, Major League starring Tom Berenger, Wesley Snipes, Charlie Sheen and the beautiful Rene Russo. 

So get your beer cooler and relax while Steve and Mark tell you how the Cleveland Indians finally won a pennant!

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Welcome to Episode 17 of Mancave Movie Review. Today we are doing something a bit different and that is a discussion about what we believe is one of the best actors of our day and that is Gary Oldman. He has been in a bunch of movies that we have loved and a few that we love to hate but he is such an incredible actor, he can turn a macaroni and cheese movie into a 7 course gourmet meal.

So grab your beverage of choice while Steve, Mark and Jeff walk you through the film career of one of the few great actors that grace the halls of tinseltown.

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Well, we did have a show that we reviewed, The Mission, but somewhere along the line we had a major malfunction with the recorder or Skype. The whole show recorded but half of it isn't intelligible. I have no idea what went wrong at this point and am trying to figure it out so as to avoid a FUBAR like this in future shows.

But fret not as we are prepped and ready for a new show this weekend and its going to be something a bit different than our usual fare and we hope you enjoy it. So we will take this as a break from our usual programming and will be back in full form this weekend!

Stay thirsty my friends.

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Welcome to Mancave Movie Review Episode 16. Today we will be talking about another great  movie by Ridley Scott, Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe, Oliver Reed, Richard Harris and Joaquin Phoenix. 

We are honored to introduce our good and dear friend Ken who will be joining us in this review. So sit back, relax with your beverage of choice and listen while Steve, Mark, Jeff and Ken tell you how all roads lead to Rome.

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