Welcome back to Mancave Movie Review! This is Episode II where Steve and Jeff continue our homage to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger as he blasts his way through another 80s classic which is Predator!

Join us while we play rearguard and have a long winded discussion on how Arnold leads his crack team of spec op troops through some unnamed Central American jungle to rescuse hostages from godless commie rebels only to find themselves becoming the prey of ET's evil second cousin (twice removed).

Tonight's drink of choice saw Jeff enjoying the fragrant and subtle boquet of one of Kentucky's finest products, Woodford Reserve while Steve was indulging in some 1792 Ridgemont Reserve. Stay thirsty and with us for next week's episode when we go back to the 70s! (ok it was 1979) and breakdown that classic sci fi movie Alien!

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Welcome to Episode 1 of the Mancave Movie review where Steve and Jeff will pay homage to that classic of classic Arnold movies, Conan the Barbarian! 

Next week, join Steve and Jeff as we continue with our homage to Arnold with a Mancave breakdown of Predator!

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Well this is the first post of the Man Cave Movie Review which is a place where we will watch, review and dissect the best and worse of guy movies. We expect our first podcast review this Friday so stay tuned!

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