Welcome to the Mancave Movie Review podcast, Episode 42. Today we are talking about Prometheus, the long awaited prequel to the Ridely Scott sci-fi classic, Alien. This movie stars Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba and Charlize Theron. 

So kick back with some alien free alcohol of your choice while Steve, Mark, Jeff and Ken explain why following the Indiana Jones school of archeology on an alien planet leads to disaster.

Next week we will be talking about Die Hard! Until then check us out on Facebook, Itunes and Stitcher!

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Welcome to Episode 39 of Mancave Movie Review, the podcast that reviews the good, the bad and the ugly of movies for men. Today we are talking about The Final Countdown, starring Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, James Farantino and Katherine Ross.

So sit back and relax while Steve, Jeff, Mark and Ken tell you why this would have been a better movie if Europe had done the soundtrack.

Next week, Trading Places! 

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Welcome back to Mancave Movie Review. Today we are ranting talking, sort of, about what should have been a great sci-fi movie and its called Pitch Black. This movie, which should have been really good stars Vin Diesel, Rhada Mitchell and Cole Hauser. 

So grab something really strong to drink (we did) while Steve, Ken, Mark and Jeff talk about Newtons Law, landsharks and why its never a good idea to book transport on a spaceship with Vin Diesel.

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Welcome to Mancave Movie Review Episode 24. Today we are going to be discussing my personal favorite and guilty pleasure movie; The Fifth Element. This wonderfully campy sci-fi movie stars Bruce Willis, the great Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, the most beautiful woman in the universe, Mila Jovovich and the annoying but very funny, Chris Tucker.

So kick back with your beverage of choice while Steve, Jeff, Ken and Mark talk about how an incredibly smoking hot woman with Ronald McDonald hair and a band-aid bikini saves the world. 

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Welcome folks to Episode 20 of Mancave Movie Review. Today we are talking about this little gem of an 80's sci-fi movie called Outland. This fantastic film stars the inestimable Sean Connery, Peter Boyle, James Sikking and Francis Sternhagen.

So grab your manly beverage and atmosphere suit and kick back while Steve, Mark, Ken and Jeff tell you about this fantasic film. And remember, the hookers here are nice :-)

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Welcome back to Episode 14! Here we sit back in the Mancave and talk about that 1990 cult classic, Total Recall, starring the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronny Cox, Michael Ironside and a young Sharon Stone who refused to show any skin for a seven time Mr. Olympia and then two years later she flashed the honey pot to Newman. Go figure.

So grab your Brubaker ID, a cold six pack and get your ass to Mars while Mark, Jeff and Steve tell you how Arnold saved a planet.

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Welcome back to Mancave Movie Review Episode 7! We're doing something different today as our good and dear friend Jeff was unable to join us so Kentucky Mark and myself are presenting you with a real winner here, a John Corman production known as Battle Beyond the Stars. Here we see Richard Thomas leave the cozy confines of the Walton household to become a planetary savior known as Shad. Yes, that is really his name. 

So kick back, grab your beverage of choice and enjoy while Steve and Mark tell you how John Boy saves the universe.

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Here we are once again, your three man team of the Mancave Movie Review podcast picking up where we left off last week with a review of Aliens. In this great follow up to Ridley Scott's 1979 classic, Ripley goes back to LV426 with a bunch of Marines, one corporate scumbag and a new improved android...whoops, synthetic person to do battle with a whole brood of face munching aliens.

So kick back with your favorite beverage and some cornbread and enjoy the review. Tonight's drinks of choice was Guiness for Steve and Jeff while Mark was enjoying some Boddington's. Next week, join Steve, Jeff and possibly a mystery guest red shirt where we review that great TV series sci-fi show, Babylon 5.

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Welcome back to Episode 3 of Mancave Movie Reviews where Steve, Jeff and introducing the third leg of the mancave barstool, Mark where we review, discuss and analyze that classic 1979 sci-fi Ridley Scott classic, Alien

So grab your beer or bourbon or better yet, BOTH and saddle up while we kick back and enjoy this fantastic film. 

REMINDER: To download a show, right click on the download link at the bottom of the post. Please use Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome as this website doesn't support Explorer.

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Welcome back to Mancave Movie Review! This is Episode II where Steve and Jeff continue our homage to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger as he blasts his way through another 80s classic which is Predator!

Join us while we play rearguard and have a long winded discussion on how Arnold leads his crack team of spec op troops through some unnamed Central American jungle to rescuse hostages from godless commie rebels only to find themselves becoming the prey of ET's evil second cousin (twice removed).

Tonight's drink of choice saw Jeff enjoying the fragrant and subtle boquet of one of Kentucky's finest products, Woodford Reserve while Steve was indulging in some 1792 Ridgemont Reserve. Stay thirsty and with us for next week's episode when we go back to the 70s! (ok it was 1979) and breakdown that classic sci fi movie Alien!

REMINDER: To download an episosde, right click on the download link on the page. To listen through your browser, please use Chrome, Safari or Firefox as this site does not support Explorer. 

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