Welcome to Mancave Movie Review, Episode 62. Today we will be talking about the classic Tarentino movie Pulp Fiction. This great and fantastic film has a great ensemble cast starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman and wait, there's more!

So kick back with a cold beer and a royale with cheese while Steve, Mark and Jeff tell you why it's a bad idea to get into a fight in an LA pawn shop.


Stick with us next week when we will be talking about The Eagle has Landed. Until then check us out on our Facebook page and give us a like and share us with your friends. Download our shows on Itunes and if you like them give us a review. Also follow us on Twitter.

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Howdy folks and welcome back to Mancave Movie Review Episode 36. Today we are talking about Lucky Number Slevin. This great and fantastic film stars Josh Harnett, Lucy Lui, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsley.

So kick back with a cold adult beverage of your choice while Steve, Jeff, Ken and Mark talk about why Lucy Lui is relevant in every movie she's in.

Stay tuned for us next week when we will be talking about Braveheart!

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Welcome back to Mancave Movie Review, episode 31. Today we are talking about Payback, starring Mel Gibson, Gregg Henry and the gorgeous Maria Bello.

So kick back with your Porter of choice while Steve, Mark, Jeff and Ken tell you about how revenge is a dish served with a hot Asian dominatrix and a carton of cigarettes.

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Welcome folks to Episode 21 of Mancave Movie Review. Today we will be talking about Snatch.

No its not what you think, it's our review of our first Guy Ritchie movie starring one of our favorite actors, Jason Statham along with stellar performances by Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro, and Dennis Farina. 

So grab some Guinness, Boddingtons or the British pint of your choice while Jeff, Mark and Steve take you through the UK underworld of diamond heists, illegal boxing and why you will never eat bacon again.

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